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Price difference : - When expensive is cheaper and cheaper is expensive


To everyone who is doing the online shopping, million dollar question a buyer always has is why am I getting the same apparel product at lower cost at other website and why this website is very expensive. 

Remember the very famous saying in hindi as "Sasta roye baar baar mehanga roye ek baar". 
In today's digital world it's very easy to buy things at your fingertips. and everything seems so easy that you just place the order for the product picture you have seen on website/app or whatsapp or social media or through online ads. 

However as a buyer you get so many prize option for same image and you tend to get confused on which website/app should I buy from? 

Here are some tips that will help you make decision. 

  • Check if website is genuine and have customer reviews.
  • Find contact us details and see if they've working phone number and person is picking up phone during support hours.
  • Return policy - An extremely important factor in making decision of your purchase is to check return policy of provider, you can say a rule of thumb is a genuine website (mostly who is a manufacturer too like ShopLance) will always accept the return for the product from customer if he/she doesn't like the product.  


   When expensive is cheaper and cheaper is expensive
      It is a thing of common sense in general that mostly defective product items are sold at cheaper price and similar case applies to your online shopping experience too. 
     For e.g. at ShopLance manufacturing unit we manufacture sarees in lot of 120/- and our quality team does a very strict check of all aesthetics and raw materials of articles produced from assembly line. QC check is done for defects such as designs are missing, dye is not properly done, embroidery machine defect , zari work , sequence work etc..  Where we typically reject 5% of production articles. and rest 95% are quality certified and processed for dispatching to our customers. 
    Big question is what happens to 5% of defective articles? mostly all manufacturers give it away to retail shop owners in small towns or some of the online resellers as well. and cost of those defective articles is 50% less than manufacturing cost of original product. 

  Looking at example above it's not a rocket science to know that why some websites are selling articles at lower prices, almost 99% time chances are that they are of defective category and 100% chance that items are non returnable🙂.
An exception scenario to above case can also be that a genuine website/app  provider wants to clear the stock and launches stock clearance sale there by allowing new designs to be added in catalogue such cases you get a great deals too. Keep watching that space as well. 
Cheers to happy & safe shopping !! 

Team ShopLance






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