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Redefining Ethnic wear in 2023

The year of 2023 is about innovating designs suited for modern and traditional looks combined.
As Indian culture is integrated globally it's hard to ignore the traditional Indian ethnic wear
that not only is unique but also considered and accepted as best attires for any occasion.

Sarees -
It has been the traditional choice for almost all indian womens,
Sarees do come in different patterns like Ruffle, Crush, Ready to wear, Lehenga Style Sarees
one min saree (Pre-plated), and all these pattenrs have always been curated with Sequence or floral embroidery thread work
Traditionally this is happening for years,
however in 2023 combinations of these styles, colors and patterns will continue
but new styles are also emerging like ruffle pre-stitched saree, crush pattern ready to wear saree, Organza saree in ready to wear and with shrug and koti.
Sarees available in these styles are unique and catching the trend as it's impressions are bold and
exquisite design gives a comfortable and causy looks among youngsters.

Lehenga is the only choice of every girl in weddings and special occasion, this is no doubt extremely time taking task
however it is not that difficult if you narrow down your idea on what looks exactly you want for that special day.
Lehengas do come in different patterns and have versatile work done all over or on the borders as well.
Typical work done is of real mirror or foil mirror check what really suits you, if you like heavy lehengas then definitely real mirror
is go, if you want to keep it light weight then foil mirror is the option.
Next important pattern includes the sequence work , keep in mind that sequence that have water color are suitable for occasion done that the night or evening time
as the water color gets mixed with ambient lighting of the place which shines your dress and enriches your looks suitable for the party.
Multi color sequences are fine for both day and night occasions.
Lehengas are also done with Cut Dana work and thread embroidery work done all over and finely crafted designs adds that finishing touch to get yourself ready for the day.

Ready to wear blouse - 
It's extremely challenging to get hold of a good tailor locally who really understands your design needs and it's not only time
consuming but also it's expensive to get blouse stitched, cost of stitching itself goes around 1500~2500 and takes at least
one week to get it done. Instead it's best idea to buy Ready to wear blouse that costs around 1000-2000/ rupees - only and available in
lots of great designs and colors that you can easily match with your base outfit.
Great thing about Ready to wear blouse is it comes in free size of 38" and have 2" extra margins provided as well.
you just need to tuck the back side of blouse as per your size and there you go you've your perfect blouse ready for ocassion in less than 5 mins
with most affordable way.

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